12 Aralık 2014 Cuma


It is the first day of the summer course in London.Three new students, Michael,Dani and Jessica are talking in the garden.

Michael: Hi! I am Michael. What is your name?

Jessica: Hello, My name is Jessica. She is my best friend, Dani.

Dani: Hello Michael, How are you?

Michael: I am under the weather.

Jessica: Why?

Michael: Because I left my girl friend.

Jessica: It is bad. I am really sad.

Dani: I think it is good Jessica. He is very handsome.

Michael: Pardon! I don't understand. Can you repeat it?

Jessica: Nothing. She is hungry. Shall we go to a restaurant?

Michael: Yes. Of course, babes. I know a really good Italian restaurant.

Dani: Hmm... Delicious!!  I love Italian restaurants.

Michael: OK. Let's go.

 Elif Zeynep Düzen, Beyza Kurt, Görkem Kardaşoğlu / Prep. B

1-After listening to the video, think about the meaning of ''  under the weather''
2- Why is Michael under the weather?
3-What did Dani whisper in Jessica's ear?

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